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Clearing Your Criminal Record

Under certain circumstances, it is possible for an individual to have an arrest or conviction removed from their permanent record. Criminal expungement is a process in which information is removed or sealed from a criminal record.

To find out if you are eligible for criminal expungement, contact me, attorney Trenton H. Chambers. My office is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Call (843) 692-7953 to schedule a free initial consultation.

When a Background Check Is No Longer a Problem

Normal activities like applying for a job or renting an apartment can be problematic for individuals with a criminal record. A previous DUI arrest that occurred years ago can prevent an individual from getting a job or a loan, or from applying for a professional license.

A background check does not have to be a dreaded thing. When a criminal record is cleared through a criminal expungement, information about a previous arrest, charge or conviction is cleared. This gives an individual peace of mind and confidence when a background check is required.

What offenses can be removed through criminal expungement?

In South Carolina, most lower court offenses (magistrate court offenses) can be removed through expungement. This includes most misdemeanors. For most crimes, an individual is eligible for expungement after three years.

Individuals convicted of DUI have to wait 10 years before being eligible for expungement.

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I can provide you with information about sealing a criminal record through expungement. For legal help, contact a criminal defense lawyer today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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