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Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV)
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Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) Defense Attorney

The crime of Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) involves assault and battery between family members. This can include actions between a husband and wife, individuals who are not married but living together or individuals who have a child together but have never lived together.

If you have been charged with CDV, contact the law office of Trenton H. Chambers in Myrtle Beach. For more than 10 years, I have been helping people just like you fight domestic violence charges throughout South Carolina.

What Happens When the Police Are Called?

When the police are called to respond to a domestic violence call and there appears to be evidence of an injury, an arrest will likely be made. Police officers are required to make a determination as to who the primary aggressor was. If they see evidence of physical violence — even something as slight as a scratch — someone is going to jail.

It is common for the accuser to want to dismiss charges after time has passed and tempers have cooled. However, this is not possible. Only a prosecutor has this power. Considering how serious the state takes domestic violence charges, it is important that the accused seek legal advice as soon as possible.

A Criminal Charge with Emotional Consequences

Criminal domestic violence is essentially the same crime as assault and battery — except that the accused and the alleged victim have a domestic relationship. Although the actions leading to charges are the same, the penalties for CDV are greater than for assault and battery, simple assault and even aggravated assault.

A CDV conviction can result in jail time. However, another life-changing penalty associated with CDV could occur after a jail sentence is served — in the form of a restraining order. With a restraining order enforced, the accused would not be able to live at home or see his or her children — upsetting the entire family.

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